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The not-for-profit organisation AFRICALIA asbl wishes to welcome trainees to work on developing its activities in Belgium. Its offices are located in the Madou district of Brussels (metro station: Madou).

Please pass on the following information to professors and students:
AFRICALIA asbl aims to promote sustainable human development by supporting the Arts and contemporary artistic work in Africa. Our work in Africa focuses on cultural programmes in seven countries which are distributed across four Sub-Saharan regions.

In line with the Millennium Development Goals, AFRICALIA engages in the following activities:
A. supporting cultural and artistic programmes that operate through civil society to bring about emancipation and participation for individuals and groups;
B. championing the idea that creativity is a source of prosperity, a way of creating employment and an important factor in the fight against poverty;
C. supporting cultural action, which contains the foundations of social cohesion and fosters solidarity;
D. monitoring the professional and artistic quality of the initiatives that are supported and, in this context, prioritising structural collaboration links that will contribute towards the development of networks.

A selection of Africalia’s targeted activities (priority)
1. Strengthening the management skills of our local partners (cultural actors and artists’ associations).
2. Contributing to the development of (exemplary) high-quality artistic and cultural products.
3. Improving access to national and international art and culture markets.
4. Providing e-learning training courses (Cultural journalism, Strategic planning).
5. Providing training courses in photography, directing, acting and contemporary dance.
6. Supporting national and transnational cultural networks in Africa

Actions in Belgium (non-priority)
1. Supporting the dissemination of African documentaries that offer perspectives on artists or cultural projects in Africa (+ partnerships with film festivals in Belgium)
2. Disseminating a collection of DVDs (short films, fictional works and/or documentaries by African directors)
3. Publishing and disseminating a collection of books (jointly published collections highlighting contemporary African photographers)
4. Encouraging cultural centres in Belgium to welcome cultural products from Africa