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Art and culture are essential elements in a sustainable human development process. This is what Africalia stands for, running result-based programmes conceived in collaboration with its partners in Africa. This philosophy is in line with the Millennium Development Goals; the Paris Declaration on aid efficiency; the UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity. Largely supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation, Africalia equally subscribes to the European Development Aid policies. Culture is intimately linked with creativity; it stimulates intercultural dialogue and increases positive identity awareness. Culture also represents market potential and educational value, so it can play a considerable part in the fight against poverty. Moreover, culture acts on behavioural change.

Africalia supports professional organisations and networks in sub-Saharan Africa that contribute to the flourishing of artists that in turn play their social and societal role in strengthening democracies. Africalia cooperates with a limited number of partners working to high professional standards on the production and dissemination of artistic output, within and from seven African countries: South Africa, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Kenya, DRC, Senegal and Zimbabwe. In Belgium, Africalia co-organises awareness-raising campaigns to publicise these African partners’ output. Africalia also coproduces books, films and exhibitions which showcase contemporary cultural forms in Africa. Over the last years, Africalia has made decentralisation a priority, to make sustainable human development through Culture a reality for all.